The GoGreen Ecology - A Notion

The GoGreen Ecology: There are a lot of pictures on this site that are not about lawns or gardens. They are there to remind us of something of far greater importance and relevance to our daily lives: The health of our local ecology. The vibrancy, diversity and overall wellness of the native ecology depends greatly on the decisions we make as a society and in a very small way also the decisions we make in our own home. As more people come to appreciate the sensitivity of our local ecology and wish to make choices that benefit native plant and animal species, air and water quality, and preservation of the remaining natural places, we will see (and have seen already) that affect a change in the marketplace, where more and more companies are recognizing this unique demand and responding to it. I do think the idea here is that businesses, in this day and age are not really interested in what is good or right, but what makes money, and if they see that enough people are interested buying products and services that do less harm, then they will act.